Según Steven Weinberg la teoría de cuerdas se inventó en 1926

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Dibujo20090629_Steven_Weinberg«El artículo de Heinserberg-Born-Jordan de 1926 que aplicaba la mecánica matricial al campo electromagnético era teoría de cuerdas antes de que se inventara la teoría cuántica de campos.» Palabra de Steven Weinberg, Premio Nobel de Física, 1979, en «What is Quantum Field Theory, and What Did We Think It Is?,» ArXiv, Submitted on 4 Feb 1997.

Este tipo de citas hay que dejarlas literalmente, así que aquí lo tenéis, en inglés.

«Werner Heisenberg, with Max Born and Pascual Jordan, discovered matrix mechanics, the first version of quantum mechanics. The historical goal of understanding electron motion within atoms was abandoned in favor of a systematic method for organizing observable spectral lines. In 1926, in one of the very first papers on quantum mechanics, presented the quantum theory of the electromagnetic field. For simplicity they left out the polarization of the photon, and took spacetime to have one space and one time dimension, but that didn’t affect the main results.(Response to comment from audience: Yes, they were really doing string, so in this sense string theory is earlier than quantum field theory.)«

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